Individual Awards Mean Nothing for College Recruiting

Awards like being named all-conference or all-state DON’T MATTER in college recruiting. Coaches only care whether or not you can play and if you fit in with their program. The fact that your son/daughter is an All-State, All-Sectional, All-Conference selection means next to nothing. Why? These awards are all-relative.

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Social Media is the WORST

Many may disagree, but I think social media has a very limited impact on college soccer recruiting, if it has an impact at all. It is mostly noise and hype. In certain sports, like college football, having a presence on Twitter has become real and most football coaches use Twitter to Direct Message (DM) recruits.

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How to Be Proactive with Your Team’s Schedule

Recently, a prospect that I work with had a high school game that three different college coaches attended to specifically watch her play. All three coaches came away from that game very interested in the prospect and have now started to recruit them, and to think, some people think that college coaches don’t recruit at high school games.

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Tips for Showing Your Best in the Recruiting Process

I’ll be honest, I’m not a big NFL guy nor do I watch much professional football. However, the amount of time, energy and money dedicated to this one, uniquely American selection process relates to college recruiting in any sport because it exposes how difficult it is and how important selecting the right players can change the trajectory of your entire organization.

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Just Say No to Exact ID Camps

STOP SIGNING UP FOR EXACT Soccer ID Camps (and other massive “national” recruiting camps) THEY ARE A MONEY GRAB!

I know many clients that sign up for these camps. EXACT is a marketing machine. They are a huge company that runs camps “ID” camps for all sports. They don’t have a specialty in soccer and I really don’t think they help anyone get recruited.

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Saving $$$ on College

In addition to helping find the right fit opportunities based on athletic, academic, social and financial fit, one thing that sets TSA Recruiting apart is helping prospects and their families save money on the costs of college and ensuring that they are receiving the best possible financial aid package.

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Revising Your Top Colleges List

When you started the recruiting process with Top Student Athlete Recruiting, one of the first steps was to create your Top 30 College list in your TSA Recruiting profile. As you progress through the recruiting process and receive more information, gain interest or not from certain colleges, your views on a particular college may change.

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