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Before retiring from college coaching in 2020, Dan Rothert, was one of the most successful college soccer coaches in NCAA history at any level.

One of the few coaches with over 500 collegiate wins, Rothert’s 613 wins at Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa between the men’s and women’s puts him in rarified company.

Rothert built Loras College into a NCAA Division III powerhouse for both men’s and women’s soccer.  In his 22 years with the men, his teams won 12 conference championships and made 12 NCAA tournaments, while advancing to 8 Sweet 16’s and 5 NCAA Final Fours (including a finish as the national runner-up in 2015).

Rothert, ranks in the top 40 of all time in all NCAA divisions (which is also top 20 for NCAA Division III) for win percentage (.733) for men’s soccer with a career record of 354-117-27.  

On the women’s side, in 17 years, Rothert’s teams won 10 conference titles and advanced to 11 NCAA tournaments.  He ranks in the top 40 all time in NCAA Division III women’s soccer for win percentage, winning at a .723 clip with an overall record of 270-96-24.  The 270 wins also place him in the top 50 of all time in NCAA Division III women’s soccer.

Rothert was named Conference Coach of the Year 14 total times in his 22-year career and has been named Regional Coach of the Year 3 times. Following the 2012 season, Rothert was named the CaptainU National Coach of the Year after Loras advanced to the NCAA Final Four. After the national runner-up finish in 2015, he was selected to Coach the USA Select DIII All-Star team in Brazil in the Summer 2016.

Additionally, his student-athletes have received many honors both on the field and in the classroom during their careers. Notably, he has mentored 50 All-Region players, 14 All-Americans, six Academic All-Americans, 16 Conference MVP’s and a National Defensive Player of the Year.

Rothert holds the highest soccer coaching licenses attainable. He has obtained the USSF “A” License, the NSCAA Premier Diploma, the NSCAA Goalkeeper National Diploma and US Soccer’s National Youth License and served on the NCAA Men’s Soccer Committee for the 2010-2012 seasons, including a season as chair of that committee in 2012.

Rothert is also the president and founder of Key City Soccer Association, a youth soccer club in Dubuque that is predicated on the principles of getting more kids playing soccer and reducing cost of youth sports.

Prior to becoming the head coach at Loras, Rothert was the assistant women’s soccer and assistant women’s basketball coach at Plattsburgh State (N.Y.) where the soccer team was 1996 New York State Conference Champions. Rothert served as the assistant coach at Loras in the 1997 season and was the head boys’ soccer coach at Dubuque Senior High School from 1997-2000, where he was also part of the boy’s basketball staff.

Rothert has both his undergraduate and master’s degrees in physical education and is versed in many sports as he played 5 sports in high school.

He and his wife Karen reside in Dubuque with their three children, Danny, Jack and Kate.