June 15th – Don’t Stress About It

Tomorrow is June 15. This is the first day that college coaches at NCAA Division I and NCAA Division II can have official communication with prospects that just completed their sophomore year (Class of 2025).


Not all that many prospects will get calls on June 15. In my opinion, this day is way overhyped and stresses prospects and their families out. It far more likely for a call to happen on the girls side, and despite the amount of social media posts by college coaches and prospects alike about this, it is simply HYPE. Even if you are in the top 1% of prospects that might get a call, a call is not an offer. On the boys side of recruiting, I have rarely heard of a boy getting a call on June 15th after their sophomore year. The boys recruiting landscape just doesn’t work this way.

Here is a little video about June 15th and its significance.

Don’t believe the hype and unless you are in select company, don’t even stress about if you will get a call or not on June 15. It really isn’t a thing for most recruits. However, I do think the significance comes from the fact that now you can reach out to coaches and ASK to set up a call. The best game plan for your recruiting this summer is to be diligent about your outreach to coaches, updating your videos and staying on top of all things related to your recruiting. However, it is important to know that every coach handles this differently and that social media makes it feel like every prospect should be waiting for calls from college coaches on June 15.


If you are lucky enough to be one that gets a call, coaches will likely set it up with you via text before calling. I encourage you to be communicative and be someone a coach wants to talk to again. A phone call does not mean an offer and we want your ability to communicate in a call to increase your stock as a recruit, not hurt your chances. If you think you might get a call, grab a notebook and write down some questions a coach might ask you and what you might want to know from a coach.


The biggest thing to remember is to not stress about this at all. If you get a call, great. Otherwise, carry on and don’t believe the hype that revolves around June 15. Things will happen for you.