Financial Fit | How to Maximize Your Financial Aid Package

Financial fit is a big player for many college prospects. Paying for college can be tricky and not knowing the real price tag of a college until the end of the process complicates things, even with athletics scholarships, and it can make it that much more frustrating.

Part of what makes Top Student Athlete Recruiting different is that I not only work with families of soccer prospects to get more exposure by using my connections and expertise from being a college coach for almost 25 years, but I also help those I work with get a better deal and find the best value on college for them.


Full scholarships are very rare for a college soccer player, and as a result, grades, merit award and financial need are very important. Below are charts of how many colleges are playing in each NCAA division and how much scholarship each level can award if they are fully funded. I use the word “IF” because most don’t offer the full amount of funding the NCAA allows at their particular level.

What should families be doing to put their best foot forward financially? How do financial aid packages look and what you should know is the meaning behind them?

Mark Salisbury is an expert in the field of college financial aid and runs a company called TuitionFit, which helps to bring transparency to the cost of college. Mark was a former college soccer coach before working in admissions, financial aid and institutional research. I’ve found what Mark and TuitionFit do fascinating and this information is long overdue for families like yours.


Colleges in general are worried about the effects of inflation, the projection that there are less kids going to college, etc. Colleges need students to meet their budget. When colleges are facing declining enrollments, they have no choice but to cut budgets. But if colleges had more students enrolling, they don’t have to cut. Most colleges are fighting over students and always trying to matriculate their class so they can meet budget. I tell you this so that you realize that YOU are in the driver’s seat when it comes to financial fit. A college is likely to consider giving someone more money rather than losing them to another institution. Mark and I will discuss this and more on Sunday’s webinar and will be open to your questions.


Again, I am not just a college soccer placement specialist, I help families in all parts of the process – from gaining more exposure, to knowing the level we should target, to saving money on college. If you are worried about the college soccer recruiting process, you are welcome to set up a free evaluation of your college recruiting with me using the link below. This consultation comes with no strings attached, and at minimum, you and your family will gain some useful information.