Revising Your Top Colleges List

When you started the recruiting process with Top Student Athlete Recruiting, one of the first steps was to create your Top 30 College list in your TSA Recruiting profile.


As you progress through the recruiting process and receive more information, gain interest or not from certain colleges, your views on a particular college may change. For instance, you may discover an interesting major that is only available at a few colleges or learn more about a program’s level of play, coach, playing style, and team culture, which may not align with your preferences or values. You may also consider financial aspects and determine the best opportunity for you. Everyone has different priorities, interests, and opinions.


Please update your Top Colleges list within your TSA Recruiting profile. Depending on where you are in the process, you may no longer be interested in a college for a specific reason. You may also want to add schools to your list that have come to your attention. And rearrange them in order of preference.


If you are well into the process and have started visiting colleges and receiving offers (seniors and some juniors), your list may be reduced to 5-10 schools or even less.


However, if you are early in the process, we encourage you to cast a wide net and have a list of about 30 colleges.


Updating your list of schools of interest will help both you and me going forward, and we encourage you to keep doing it through the process. Watch the video below about making your top list and ranking schools. Also, if you have been at this awhile and have emailed college coaches several times, use the attached worksheet to help narrow your list and make the necessary changes (or even add new schools) to your list within your TSA Recruiting Profile.