How to use the FAFSA Debacle to Your Advantage

The rollout of the new FAFSA this year has been a disaster with delays, hiccups and problems and it is having a serious toll on both students and colleges.

Colleges are businesses and driven by enrollment.

FAFSA frustration has led to approximately 40% fewer students filing for FAFSA compared to the same time last year.

We are going to see massive enrollment shortages at most colleges.

Enrollment shortages lead to budget cuts.

Most colleges are desperate for students and in crisis mode. They don’t want to cut budgets and would rather give a prospect a little more financial aid versus losing them. Here is an article from Inside Higher Ed to shed a little more light on the issue.

This means for the class of 2024, if you have been able to slog through and complete the FAFSA, this debacle has created a massive opportunity.


There’s never been a better year to appeal the financial aid offer that a college or university sends you and press for a lower price. Even in “regular” years, I always suggest that families appeal the financial aid decision, not just this year. But given everything going on at the current moment, I HIGHLY recommend that you appeal this year.


99% of colleges are pretty desperate this year to enroll a decent class, every prospect matters.
I think everyone who files FAFSA should use this to their advantage and appeal their financial aid award and ask for more money in a polite way that does not offend the college. Just as a tip, don’t say you want to “negotiate”.


I work with so many families to help them get better offers at the colleges they want to attend and this year is no different.

My advice …




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