Recruiting Roundup – Happy New Year

From my family to yours, we hope that this year is a huge success filled with peace and abundance for you and your loved ones.


But hoping isn’t a reliable strategy or a game plan. I imagine you have some hopes for 2023, both on the field and off. You can’t just hope. There’s always the chance that you could get lucky, but you’re better off solidifying a game plan and working towards achieving these goals.


Per recruiting, if you are looking to play college soccer, no matter what year you currently are in high school, you need to have a game plan. You can’t force your way on a roster or just go to any school you want and hope to be on the team. You need to go where you are wanted. Having an evolving game plan that changes and grows through the recruiting process can help you find your fit in the college soccer landscape.


I encourage you to develop a game plan for your recruiting and know it will change based on what programs are interested in you and what you start to see in the process. Having helped hundreds of prospects find great opportunities, I know that it starts with having an open mind and casting a wide net.


Some essentials of a good game plan for your college soccer recruitment include:

• Having a strong highlight video that shows your strengths and all the things your position is required to do. Your highlight video should evolve and be updated throughout the recruiting process, showcasing the growth you’re experiencing as a player.
• Developing a list of schools from a variety of levels and having an open mind. I strongly encourage you to listen to every coach that shows interest.
• Reaching out to coaches via email, text and phone to introduce yourself (I’m not huge on social media and just tagging coaches – I don’t think it really works that way for most coaches).
• Having advocates that college coaches trust and that can vouch for you as a player and a person
• Developing a plan for attending camps and showcases. Remember, it’s not necessarily in your best interest to attend each one you get invited to. You’re better off evaluating and identifying a select few to attend that will best help you achieve your recruiting goals.
• Being honest with yourself. Ask an expert that is a neutral, not your coach, what level of play might be good for you


Keep in mind that what is a smart plan for you may not be the same as your school or club teammate. Everyone will have different priorities in mind when it comes to the recruiting process.


I coached for college men’s and womens’ soccer for 25 years and now use my connections and experience to help open doors. I’m open and honest about levels of play and game plan the process to help those that want to play college soccer find great fits. Ultimately, I love helping student-athletes and their families reduce stress, get more exposure and save money on college. Since starting TSA Recruiting, I have helped every family I work with save on college and some as many as $20,000.


In the past few weeks alone, I have helped prospects commit to playing soccer at the following schools:
NCAA Division I – University of Illinois-Chicago, Drake, Eastern Illinois 
NCAA Division II – Lewis University, Quincy, University of Mary, Concordia-St.Paul, Spring Hill
NCAA Division III – Case Western Reserve, St. Olaf, UW-Eau Claire, Wartburg, Hobart, John Carroll, Redlands, Ripon
NAIA – St. Ambrose, St. Francis


In order to provide the best possible service to my clients, I only work with a limited number of prospects at a time. If you would like me to evaluate your recruiting and tell you more about the process and what I do, I am happy to host a call with you and your parents. If you’re interested in learning more about how I can help you game plan and find the right fit opportunity at the right price, please fill out the consult request form at the link below.


Here’s to your hopes for 2023!