FAFSA – Application Opens October 1

What colleges will offer your soccer student-athlete the most financial aid?
Do something different and look for schools that really want you! I don’t just mean for soccer, but that they want you for a variety of reasons.

Soccer scholarships are rare and even more so, full-ride soccer scholarships are almost non-existent. In addition to the right academic, athletic and social fit, it is extremely important that those looking to attend college and compete consider the financial fit of the institution. Financial fit is a key priority I help clients and their families with. It is very important to me to make sure that the opportunity is great and they are getting the most in scholarship, grants, merit awards that they can.

Not only do my clients find great opportunities, but I help them find colleges that are a great financial fit where they can play while saving a significant amount of money, utilizing my experience to help them navigate the financial aid process. Of my graduating 2022 clients, they saved, on average, over $10,000 in college expenses.

Below are 3 videos that can help you in different ways in regards to the financials aid process.

Jack Wang is a Financial Aid guru who discusses picking a college from a different perspective. He focuses on how you can find the best deal for you! Jack discusses the same strategies I preach at TSA Recruiting, that everyone has different priorities in the recruiting process and finding a right-fit, including financial right-fit and saving money can be such an important factor.

As promised, with the FAFSA opening October 1 for 2023 grads and anyone already in college, I wanted to provide tips for filing FAFSA and how to look for schools that will offer your student-athlete the best financial aid package and much more.


Your EFC is what the government says your family can afford per year to send a child to college. The sooner you have this completed, the sooner you can receive financial aid packages or estimates. The 2022 FAFSA (you are filing the FAFSA for 2023) is filed off the prior two years’ taxes, which in this case will be your family’s 2021 tax returns.

I wanted to quickly explain what a typical financial aid package looks like and what you should look for and how to compare them. At first glance, many will look better than they really are based on wording and how they are organized. It’s important to know what to look for in these letters so that you can make accurate and informed decisions.

As I tell everyone I work with, you should never accept the first offer from a college without asking for more financial aid. Additionally, you want to have multiple offers so that you can leverage them against one another. It’s important to be comfortable in knowing what questions to ask as well as knowing your family’s financial situation.
The Financial Aid process is one of the most important areas that I can help my clients with so that they can save money and find the best financial fit for their son or daughter.

If you are interested in learning more about how I use my experience and connections to help my clients:

• Get more schools interested in them by connecting them with right fit opportunities.
• Help them save money on college costs by targeting the right financial fits, knowing how to ask for more and knowing how the process works and what they should expect.
• Reducing the stress of the process – knowing what to do next, what to say to coaches, when a camp could be worth it or not, etc.

If any of these apply to you, fill out a no-obligation consultation form so that we can have a discussion and see if TSA Recruiting is the best option for you.